Five Ways to Clean your Silver Jewelry from Tarnish

Finely cut silver jewelry is usually very well priced, has a beautiful shine and is valuable. However, such jewelry eventually forms tarnish due to too much exposure to air or moisture. You will find one day when you wake up tarnish formed already to your favorite silvery jewelry eating its shine until it is completely gone.

However, you can clean your silver jewelry without destroying its quality and shine. Here are five ways to clean it delicately.

1. Cleaning it with Soap and Water
If your favorite silver jewelry is only suffering from little dust or dirt, you can utilize dish soap (mild preferably) as well as warm water in cleaning it safely.

2. Silvo
Silvo can be found at Supermarkets. While it seems so perfect to use to clean your silver jewelry collections, you must use this rarely because Silvo is very mildly abrasive and must be used infrequently on detailed pieces.

3. With Toothpaste
If Silvo is not available at your local stores and you are lazy to go to distant stores, then you may go to your bathroom and get your favorite brand of toothpaste to remove tarnish from your silver items. Same precautions apply.

4. Making an Electrolytic Cleaning Solution
You need not to be a licensed chemist for you to clean your sterling jewelry electrolytically. You only need a couple of basic items in your household and the ability to follow directions.
Here are the steps.

  • Get a saucepan with aluminum foil
  • Fill it with water only enough to completely cover your item
  • Put some baking soda (around a half cup per 500 ml of Water)
  • Boil the water
  • When you see the water starting to boil, take the pan off the heat and add your silver
  • Use tongs to move your item around the water.
  • Just take care of using this method to clean your item. Boiling water could affect it.

5. Rhodium Plating
Rhodium is a white natural metal like Platinum. It is used to give silver items a higher shine and better tarnish resistance. While it is not a cleaning method, rhodium plating can help your silvery item last longer between cleanings and give more shine too. If you have your item rhodium plated, you should use steam or warm water to clean it as chemical cleaners will strip the finish making it look patchy.

Jewelry is so expensive and costs a lot of money from buying up to its maintenance. And those mentioned above are tips to maintain the beauty and quality of your item. But, consulting a jeweler or going to a local shop to make clean your silvery items is still better.